Euphoria Traffic Jam

I was lucky enough this weekend to be given two free Euphoria event tickets by a client.  I’ve never been to Euphoria as a guest although I did volunteer to help host a pairings dinner last year at Rick Erwin’s.  It was an amazing meal with delicious bourbon drink pairings with each course.  I would have love to host another in the future.  This year I was able to attend the new Traffic Jam event Saturday evening.  It was at the Old Cigar Warehouse, a fairly new event venue downtown but they mostly used the empty lot next to it.  The theme of this event was food trucks!  Greenville has, over the last year, joined the food truck wagon and I love it.  I’ve been wanting to try some of the food trucks in town but have not had the chance yet so I really wanted to attend and try out some of the food.IMG_3596 IMG_3598IMG_3600

The set-up was really great for Traffic Jam and the weather cooperated fully.  It was a beautiful, early-autumn night.  Lights were string up between trees, picnic blankets, tree stumps, and hammocks provided cozy seating and, the best part, a corn-hole area was set up.  We spent most of our time there!  I brought a friend of mine and we ended up meeting up with some others and had a really fun time.  That fun was definitely supported by the all-you-can-drink liquor distributors there (I personally enjoyed the Tito’s stand with their version of a Russian Standard).  That had to be why the cost of the event was so high: $75!  I cannot eat or drink $75 worth, especially when it is small bites from a food truck window.  IMG_3604IMG_3611

My friend and I talked about it later – we were full at the event (probably from alcohol) but later in the evening we both had the munchies.  Thinking back we probably only had a few bites of food all evening!  A super mini taco, half a macaroni & cheese BBQ sandwich (yes, they exist), a few bites of banana pudding and some tater tots – not the most well-rounded or satisfying meal.  I guess our bellies got distracted by corn-hole!IMG_3606 IMG_3609IMG_3602

I cannot say that there was really a stand-out food item.  The mac-n-cheese BBQ sandwich was a hit but it lacked a little flavor for me (more cheese please!) and the banana pudding was good.  Other than that the food was a little unmemorable.  The booze was a hit, both the liquor and the beer.  I’m glad they offered more than  beer since I don’t drink it.  The best part of the evening was the setting and enjoying time with friends.IMG_3608

I wish that I could participate more with Euphoria.  I will probably volunteer again but this year could not because we had family in town (which is better anyway).  But, I do not see myself buying tickets to the events any time soon.  The Traffic Jam at $75/per person was one of the lowest priced events and I question whether it was really worth it – I probably would not pay even $50 to attend again.  They are high dollar and very well done and I’m sure the food is incredible like at Rick Erwin’s last year but as far as value goes for us, personally, it’s not really worth it.  P and I will spend $$ on a nice dinner but mostly just for special occasions.  This is the opinion of a lot of my peers and friends as well, that Euphoria is very exclusive and has out-priced itself from the average individual and family.  Maybe one day we will have the expendable income necessary but until then, I will take any free tickets and cool volunteer opportunities that come my way!

You can see a list of the food vendors that were there online – most food trucks post where they are going to be on their social media so it can be quickly updated as they move around the city but I think in Greenville most of them set up in a pretty regular spot for normal meal times.  Give them a try!