Green Lettuce

I think my dream job or the perfect second job would be food critic.  Basically, I want to get paid to eat and try new places.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

We don’t often eat out but when we do, I am going to try to write about my experience here.  I was fortunate enough to eat out with an old friend of mine today – we were long overdue a catch up session – at a fairly new restaurant open in downtown Greenville (Augusta St.), Green Lettuce.

Source: Green Lettuce's Facebook page


Green Lettuce was almost open months ago as Tender Greens but it never got to open its doors until recently.  I am not sure of the details but I do know there was an issue with the name already being used by another company.  I am glad they finally were able to open after months of peeking into their windows and seeing a fully put together and really cute seating area.  The restaurant itself is in a great place right off Main Street in the West End of downtown.  There are lots of shops nearby as well as the park and baseball stadium.  Inside it cute, simple, and kind of rustic with warm colors, live plants, and nice wood tables.  524734_125661597623134_431252709_n

A place called Green Lettuce obviously is going to have salads on their menu but I did not realize it is actually a Middle Eastern restaurant with hummus, tabouli, grape leaves, pita platters, etc. on the menu.  There were even a few items I had never heard of and asked about.  Our server was a very nice, subdued gentlemen who took great care of us.

The menu is two pages, front and back.  The front is pretty much all salads.  I was really intrigued by several of them, especially the fresh date salad.  Dates are not a typical ingredient around here!  But, I was really craving something warm and heartier with protein.  I needed protein.  My friend, who had eaten there before, recommended the roasted turkey sandwich and once I realized it came with soup and  salad, I was sold.

I thought we would get a mini taste of soup but we were started with a fairly large cup.  We both chose veggie soup out the three options; the others were chicken and tomato.  It was so good.  Most vegetable soups I have eaten are tomato based, have potatoes and carrots, etc.  This one was a delicious broth based with broccoli, onions, and other green veggies.  We squeezed the lime it was served with on top and it really sent the flavors overboard.  It was so good.1005323_750526811374_1275753777_n

They also surprised us with a serving of freshly made, warm pita bread.  I’m not sure what they put on this bread but I believe it was some sort of olive oil and garlic spread.  It was so good.  Having bread as an appetizer I originally planned to just eat soup and salad with pita and save the sandwich for another day since it was more bread but once it was brought out, I could not stop myself.1016443_750531372234_2030013252_n

The salad was fresh and crunchy with a great house dressing.  Again, I believe it was an olive oil base.  One of the reasons I had to eat half my sandwich was so that I could dip it into the left behind dressing.  The sandwich (roasted turkey, lettuce, tomato, avocado) did not need any help though.  The ingredients were fresh – did I mention that only use organiz ingredients and try to source as much as possible locally? – and the bread was incredible. I’m not a big sandwich fan, never have been but this was so good.  They put something on the bread, probably what was on the pita bread, that really pulled all of the flavors together.  I ordered it without any mayo or mustard and often without a wet condiment, sandwiches can be dry and boring but this was definitely not the case here.  I saved the last half of the sandwich for another lunch this week (or snack later!).