Toddler vs. Vegetables: Pouches

I have not blogged in quite a while. When you have a baby, life just gets a little crazy and honestly, I just felt like my time was better spent elsewhere. There was also an element of just not having anything to say. Okay, so having a child provides lots of things to say but there is that lack of time thing again, desire for privacy, and preferring to share those things with my friends and family rather than the world. I actually do write 4-12 blogs per month but they happen to be for clients and not for myself.

This messy girl enjoyed her dinner!

This messy girl enjoyed her dinner!

Recently, I have been asked by several of my mom friends about Evie’s eating habits. Not because I’m an expert but we just use each other as sounding boards through the different stages our kiddos are going through. We just want the other mom to help us feel like our life is normal. Help! I’m frustrated! Does your kid do this too? What are you doing about…?

Through these conversations I discovered my desire to blog again. I’m going to begin this series of keeping track of what I have done to help my toddler like veggies and when she refused to eat them, get her to eat them anyway. I’m calling it “Toddlers vs. Veggies.” Hopefully, this is helpful for other moms out there and gives me a little bit of a personal outlet (what is that again?). Plus, I really enjoy cooking for my family. Please take it for what it is, one mom just writing about trials and errors that work for her family, or don’t work. I’m not an expert and do not want to be judged as one. One of the things that keep me from blogging about parenting is because there is SO much judgment out there. We are all just doing the best we can. Let’s just all agree that it is important for our children to eat their vegetables and that it can be incredibly difficult sometimes!

kale chips, toddler

Evie eating kale chips

Evie, our daughter who is 18 months old now (OMG), is a really great eater and has been from the start. Breastmilk, purees, table food. Veggies, fruit, beans, etc. She loves food. This morning between the hours of 7:30-11:30am she ate, 1 breakfast pouch, 1 banana, 1 scrambled egg, 1 teething cookie, 3 mini oatmeal muffins, an undetermined amount of corn puffs and raisins, a lunch pouch and half a sunbutter sandwich. I may be missing something in there too. I felt like I could not keep up. “Eat, eat!” was constantly coming out of her mouth.

This leads me to my first topic: Pouches. You know the ones, they are at your grocery store, Target, baby supply stores, Costco, you name it. How did our parents live without food pouches? You twist off the cap, it goes into their mouth and gets sucked down. Three seconds later they have ingested a few servings of fruits and vegetables. When Evie was eating purees only I would even put some on a spoon for her. When she was younger I made most of my own pureed food. If you have a blender, it’s super easy. But the pouches were great on-the-go. They are so great for when you are traveling, out running errands, at the park (like today) or need an easy and fast way to satisfy your toddler’s grumbling stomach with something healthier than goldfish. Who else’s child would subsist on goldfish if they could?

toddler, food pouch

Pouch in one hand, snack (probably goldfish) in the other

Right now Evie eats 2-3 pouches a day and it’s more because she eats more than we anticipate and also because she knows where they are stored in the cabinet and gets them out on her own. It’s not worth the meltdown to say no. Plus, they’re healthy. We always buy organic – now that I think of it, I’m not sure there are non-organic options! I prefer ones that are veggie heavy because she eats a lot of fruit and dairy anyway. She would happily eat fruit and cheese every meal.

There are two things I don’t like about some pouch options.

1: Additives. We only buy options that have fruit and vegetables only. The only additive I accept is lemon juice. There are some others in some of the ones with yogurt and grains in them but we try to keep them to a minimum. Sometimes, I feel like a hypocrite because we don’t always buy organic produce. It’s just not always available or affordable. We try but it’s not always possible. And then there are the processed snacks that we let Evie have like those goldfish. They are completely processed and who know what the ingredients are. I guess I try to control what she eats when I can.

toddler food pouches

Our favorite brands are Plum, Happy Baby or Happy Tot, Ella’s Kitchen and even the Target brand. Some brands, like Earth’s Best, are labeled organic but they sneak in additives that I cannot pronounce.

2. Meat. This is just a personal preference but pureed meat just sounds disgusting. I wouldn’t eat it so I don’t buy it for Evie. She likes meat, fish, beans and dairy so I feel like she gets enough protein.

Fortunately, Evie does not only eat store bought pureed food from the store. My next several posts will be recipes that are tried and true at our house that Evie loves and ensure that she is getting a well-balanced diet.

34-36 Weeks

There has been a lot going on the last few weeks, it’s no wonder I just feel tired. But they’ve been good, celebratory, fun things. Now, I’m just ready for time to rest and this baby to arrive!

September 20, at 34 weeks, my mom and a good friend (my little sister from college) threw me a baby shower in Charlotte at my mom’s house. It was great to see friends who live there and also family. Thanks to both Mom and MCK for throwing such a cute shower for us! 10712197_861128434834_1285581383_o 10711844_861128479744_2106610325_o

That weekend was a nice, relaxing one where I got to really spend some quality time with my parents and younger sister. We even took a long walk around the neighborhood on Sunday, after which I had a minor scare and this had to happen:10709717_861295090854_692574300_o

I walked, took a hot shower, and should have waiting to put my rings on but out of habit slid them right on my finger and my finger turned purple and started to swell. Thankfully I was able to remain calm, although a part of me wanted to panic, and my dad made me hold a bag of frozen peas above my head until he could pull my band off. The weather has cooled off and I think I could maybe put them back on my finger but I’m playing it safe and wearing them around my neck. I’ve been told this is pretty much unavoidable at a certain point so I’m going with it.

At 35 weeks, P’s friends decided he needed a “baby bachelor” weekend. Basically, just a boys weekend to celebrate (read: commiserate) the loss of his non-parent status. A couple of friends came in from out of town and several local guys participated. Friday night we had a cookout for couples. The boys played golf on Sunday, rented a bus from a random neighbor and went to the Clemson game. And the left-out ladies (boo-hoo, not really) went to Sky Top Orchard on Saturday and had a girls night watching chick-flicks, Hocus Pocus, and eating cheese and fruit. I even stayed at a friends house in the neighborhood so that P could have his true bachelor weekend. I had planned to stay out Sunday too but everyone had to hit the road so we just laid around the house and cleaned up after the party. He had a really great weekend and so did I. It’s funny because now that its football season he’s a lot more social and drinking more and I can’t remember if this is the way football season has always been or if he really is scared that once baby girl is here his life is going to change that much, at least in terms of him being able to watch football with a beer in hand.10395829_862712225904_2789918699571232127_n 10354950_862672011494_4960066155258911656_n

This past weekend – 36 weeks! – two of my very best friends traveled into Greenville for our final baby shower. MD hosted and cooked/baked everything from scratch – avocado salad, apple cake, mac ‘n cheese muffins, butternut squash wrapped in bacon, yum. And ASC surprised me by flying in from New Orleans for basically 24 hours just to attend. She mopped too which was awesome because I don’t think my back would have enjoyed mopping right now. About 15 local friends came to the house and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, I should have rested but I couldn’t help but start organizing everything we got and then doing all of the baby laundry up to 3 months that we have. Such cuteness.10686907_864670311884_1604099174425897342_n 10670170_864774587914_3362553692905413350_n 10712775_864774368354_2279781935453507679_n

Yesterday I hit that “I want everything done” mode. Well, not everything, like the touch up painting in the nursery but I wanted all of our duplicate gifts exchanged and our hospital bags packed! After work, I went to Target and Babies ‘R Us to exchange and buy what we needed and them got my bag all packed up to go, except for a going home outfit for me (what do you wear home from the hospital?) and pulled P’s stuff together (just need a bag). It’s only Oct 7, we still have 3+ weeks to go and I’m afraid this month is going to be so hard. Waiting and waiting some more. I’m not the most patient person. I don’t want her to come before she is ready, in terms of health, but I want her to come! I really hope she’s born in October and not November. I think more waiting would just be unbearable!

Saying No.

At my pre-natal Centering Group yesterday we had a really good, unplanned discussion that came up when talking about post-natal care. I think the midwife thought the convo would mostly being about physically healing after labor but as we started talking about our questions and concerns one of the other moms brought up a subject that is also sitting on my mind. Getting everything done. Balancing it all. Learning how and when to say no to people. She and I are both in executive level positions and there’s no one for us that we can just hand items off to. We will have help but it’s just not possible to expect any one person (or team) to be able to step into our shoes so that we can check out for a bit. So we both know and plan on having to stay on top of emails and projects even right after our babies our born. Now, I know that my office is going to do all that they can to allow me time to learn, experience, and enjoy first learning how to be a mom but I also know that I will be back to responding to emails and calling the office daily as soon as I am home from the hospital (or maybe as soon as I am physically capable). My hope is to truly take 1-2 weeks where I can be somewhat silent but I know that I’ll just be trying to figure out how to do it all, just from home and with an infant with an as yet unidentified personality and needs.

I am awful at saying no. The last several months I’ve been saying, once our last baby shower (this Sunday) is over the rest of the month of October is just ours. We have our 2nd wedding anniversary and the baby is due this month so I just want no plans. Nobody come visit, we’re not going anywhere, etc. So when P asked me if it would be okay if two of his work colleagues/friends from out of town could stay with us next weekend I really, really want to say no. We only have so many weekends left and no I don’t want to have people at our house for the 4th week in a row. But I feel awful saying no. People keep telling me that now is the time to be selfish because there won’t be time after the baby is here but it is so hard. I hope they realize that asking two people on the verge of having their first child on their anniversary weekend to put them up is just not ok (which they probably don’t realize because I doubt P put it that way) and we don’t have to give an answer at all.

I’m hoping that I manage to find a way to balance everything. I know it will be hard and I know that it will be different for me than any other woman because my situation is different and my baby will be different. There has to be a way though. And I’m going to have to get used to saying no and not feeling this heaping guilt because of it.

28, 29, almost 30 weeks!

I’ve been a bad mommy-to-be blogger the last  month. Work has been absolutely insane. I think I’ve said this before with no real understanding of what that even means until we hit this summer. We are all, everyone in the office, even our new intern who went to full-time employee after two weeks simply because we were so busy, is working 10 hours days or more. I’m not stopping to go to the gym at lunch like I used to (still making it afterward), not stopping to check blogs, not stepping to write blogs, not stopping to take care of personal business, just going and going and going full-on-non-stop.

P snuck a picture of me while on the beach and posted it on Facebook. At first I was a little shocked to see myself so exposed publicly but I got over it. Especially since his post was "more beautiful than ever."  28 weeks.

P snuck a picture of me while on the beach and posted it on Facebook. At first I was a little shocked to see myself so exposed publicly but I got over it. Especially since his post was “more beautiful than ever.” 28 weeks.

As a business owner this is a good problem to have, means we have the work. As a soon to be mother who will have to cut back on hours working, this is something that I have some angst about. But, we will deal when we get there and somehow it always seems to work out for others so it will for me.

Oh, and P and I went on vacation to St. Augustine, Florida last week and whereas I still spent 3-4 hours working a day (rainy afternoons), it was It was like a second honeymoon. We slept in, ate out, ate in, napped, watched Shark Week (always on when we’re at the beach!) spent time at the beach and the pool. Basically, we tried to relax as much as possible, around the work we had to keep up with while we were there. We got a tan, reconnected (not that we were disconnected), and generally just enjoyed each other. It was kind of bittersweet because while I’m being reminded of how much I just really like my husband and how much I really like our twosome time together, I also felt like I was mourning that part of our life. I hope we can make a real effort to get away, just the two of us, semi-regularly, to remember how much we truly do like each other in the midst of what is day to day life. I know some grandmas whom I’m sure would come babysit.

29 weeks

29 weeks

As far as how I’ve felt this week, decent. I’m definitely tired but it is a combo of pregnancy and just crazy work days. I’m also missing our vacation naps. I had my centering group appointment Tuesday and got some additional info from the midwife about our results from the ultrasound we had at 28 weeks. She basically said we shouldn’t worry, that Baby Girl is just a small baby. If she was larger in all areas BUT her stomach then we should be worried because it would indicate an issue with blood flow but she’s just small all over. I did ask if that meant she’d be late and she said not necessarily so that’s good news.

I’ve also started having Braxton Hicks contractions, which for me feel like period cramps. Basically my body prepping itself for labor and giving me a little mental preview as to what I can expect (times a lot more pain). I’ve also started having more painful ligament pain in my lower left abdomen – these two combined woke me up around 3am last night and would not let me sleep or find comfort for several hours. I think I actually fell asleep at some point on my knees leaning over and against a bunch of pillows. Whatever works. I’ve gained almost 20 lbs if you go with my 1st measurement of 125 and it is starting to get harder to bend over. I did yoga last night and I’m continuing to hit the gym so staying active despite the tired.

Can’t believe we hit 30 weeks tomorrow. 40 weeks seems so close yet so far. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever!


25 Weeks

25 weeks and I’ve just kind of popped! I think up until last week I was able to “hide” my pregnancy – not that I was trying but certain outfits just kept it wear under cover. In fact, one of my nursery coworkers didn’t even know I was pregnant until Sunday. I’m also to the point where I feel comfortable wearing tighter tops because it’s obvious I’m pregnant and didn’t just have a big lunch. Not only am I looking pregnant but I am feeling it! Take a look at these images from today – I look so tired! photo 2 photo 4

I also feel like I look like I have gained all of the 16 extra pounds the scale showed me yesterday at my Centering Group appointment. For some reason seeing that 139.4lbs show up on the scale was hard for me to swallow. I’m still working on accepting it even though I KNOW that I am right on target, have not gained more than I should, and am still eating healthy and staying active. It’s still a hard thing to do, I’ve never been this heavy before. But, baby girl is healthy and I am grateful!

Strangely enough we talked at Centering about how we are sleeping and I had been sleeping really well lately and of course jinxed it by saying it out loud. I hope I didn’t keep P up last night. I can not get comfortable and I got really hot. As much as Snoogle helps with comfort and support most nights, it gets really hot! I can’t sleep with covers on any more.

Other developments this week, I’m back to that uncomfortable feeling of I know that I am growing because I can feel it. No one tells you that you will feel you body stretching and how it doesn’t feel good! It’s also getting somewhat difficult to bend over these days, although I think it depends on where the baby is. I’m also getting more tired and staying more tired. I hit a wall at 3:30pm pretty much every day! I just work through it because I’m an awful napper. It takes a while for me to fall asleep and then once I wake up (if I ever sleep at all) I feel groggy so there’s really no point. I do feel bad for my team at work though because my patience and mood definitely take a decline around that time. I tend to get a second wind by 6ish especially if I make it to the gym. I’ve been able to cook the last few weeks which I know P enjoys. Not just meals for lunch and dinner but also I’ve done some baking so we have nice, healthy treats for breakfasts and snacks.

I’m starting to get more excited about labor than nervous and scared. I think its my innate curiosity taking over. Instead of focusing on the fear of the unknown I’m focusing on the curiosity and the desire for knowledge. I’m starting to lean more towards a natural birth, if I can do it. Actually, I know I CAN do it, it’s just a matter of whether or not I’ll have the strength in the moment. I’ve been reading books, like Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth, and also talking a lot in my midwife’s group (Centering) and I just feel like I can do it. I’m even starting to feel like I want to labor, if not deliver although maybe?, in the water. I’m trying to keep on open mind and an open birth plan, trusting my body and my doctor/midwife. I’m just getting really excited to meet this little girl!

P has been working hard in the nursery, installing shelves and painting the built-ins. His mom comes next weekend to pick out a crib and then once we have it and a rocking chair the nursery will be ready for decorating. I’m excited to see it come together and I love that baby girl will know that her daddy did all of it for her.10562876_838089140764_779012314_o

I’m feeling calm right now which is not really typical for me. I’m usually high-strung and stressed. I definitely have my moments but I feel like I’m going pretty good not going into mom-to-be-zilla mode even though we only have three months left and they are super busy months with lots of travel. Baby is going to come when she comes and we will be “ready” or not – more than likely not, even if we have all the parts and pieces in order.

I’m treasuring these last few months with just P and our little family of 2 but cannot wait to meet this little girl, who is still unnamed and whose parents have still not even talked about names… she’ll get one when one feels right! I do have one in my head but we will see if it continues to feel good and if P likes it. We will see!

Euphoria Traffic Jam

I was lucky enough this weekend to be given two free Euphoria event tickets by a client.  I’ve never been to Euphoria as a guest although I did volunteer to help host a pairings dinner last year at Rick Erwin’s.  It was an amazing meal with delicious bourbon drink pairings with each course.  I would have love to host another in the future.  This year I was able to attend the new Traffic Jam event Saturday evening.  It was at the Old Cigar Warehouse, a fairly new event venue downtown but they mostly used the empty lot next to it.  The theme of this event was food trucks!  Greenville has, over the last year, joined the food truck wagon and I love it.  I’ve been wanting to try some of the food trucks in town but have not had the chance yet so I really wanted to attend and try out some of the food.IMG_3596 IMG_3598IMG_3600

The set-up was really great for Traffic Jam and the weather cooperated fully.  It was a beautiful, early-autumn night.  Lights were string up between trees, picnic blankets, tree stumps, and hammocks provided cozy seating and, the best part, a corn-hole area was set up.  We spent most of our time there!  I brought a friend of mine and we ended up meeting up with some others and had a really fun time.  That fun was definitely supported by the all-you-can-drink liquor distributors there (I personally enjoyed the Tito’s stand with their version of a Russian Standard).  That had to be why the cost of the event was so high: $75!  I cannot eat or drink $75 worth, especially when it is small bites from a food truck window.  IMG_3604IMG_3611

My friend and I talked about it later – we were full at the event (probably from alcohol) but later in the evening we both had the munchies.  Thinking back we probably only had a few bites of food all evening!  A super mini taco, half a macaroni & cheese BBQ sandwich (yes, they exist), a few bites of banana pudding and some tater tots – not the most well-rounded or satisfying meal.  I guess our bellies got distracted by corn-hole!IMG_3606 IMG_3609IMG_3602

I cannot say that there was really a stand-out food item.  The mac-n-cheese BBQ sandwich was a hit but it lacked a little flavor for me (more cheese please!) and the banana pudding was good.  Other than that the food was a little unmemorable.  The booze was a hit, both the liquor and the beer.  I’m glad they offered more than  beer since I don’t drink it.  The best part of the evening was the setting and enjoying time with friends.IMG_3608

I wish that I could participate more with Euphoria.  I will probably volunteer again but this year could not because we had family in town (which is better anyway).  But, I do not see myself buying tickets to the events any time soon.  The Traffic Jam at $75/per person was one of the lowest priced events and I question whether it was really worth it – I probably would not pay even $50 to attend again.  They are high dollar and very well done and I’m sure the food is incredible like at Rick Erwin’s last year but as far as value goes for us, personally, it’s not really worth it.  P and I will spend $$ on a nice dinner but mostly just for special occasions.  This is the opinion of a lot of my peers and friends as well, that Euphoria is very exclusive and has out-priced itself from the average individual and family.  Maybe one day we will have the expendable income necessary but until then, I will take any free tickets and cool volunteer opportunities that come my way!

You can see a list of the food vendors that were there online – most food trucks post where they are going to be on their social media so it can be quickly updated as they move around the city but I think in Greenville most of them set up in a pretty regular spot for normal meal times.  Give them a try!

Anniversary Surprise!

Several months ago P calls me to inform me that he had bought tickets to go to Dallas, TX the weekend of our first wedding anniversary.  Why, you ask?  Well, he and his family, especially his younger brother who lives in Greenville too, LOVE the Washington Redskins.  It’s actually pretty cool that his whole family is so dedicated to a team even though they haven’t really played well in years…  Back to the “why?”…  The Redskins play their biggest rival, The Dallas Cowboys, that weekend AND the University of Oklahoma plays their biggest rival the University of Texas.  P’s younger brother went to OU and their immediate family became immediate supporters.  Now, this combo of games (plus the TX State Fair) has been talked about A LOT over the years between the two brothers.  They have been waiting and waiting for these two games to coincide.  It just so happened to be my bad luck that it happens on our first anniversary…

Originally, I was going to go along with the guys.  I have some good friends in Dallas so I was looking forward to that and I really like the city itself.  Plus, going to NFL games are always fun.  Then I started putting together the math:  plane ticket, hotel room for 4 nights, football huge match-up tickets, food, alcohol, etc.  I realized that if we were going to spend $2k (easily) on a trip, that this would not be the trip I would choose.  I’d be going to Costa Rica or to wine country.  So, I backed out.  I think P was disappointed and truly, so was I but more because it meant he and I would be apart for our 1st wedding anniversary.

So this morning, P tells me he needs me to take 3 days off that same week he gets back from Dallas, the week after our anniversary.  I immediately am like, I can’t just do that!  I was thinking he needed me to be at home for some house project or something.  But then he, nonchalantly, says that he bought me a ticket to go to Chicago with him on his work trip.  I, of course, felt bad about responding the way I did because it is such a sweet gesture and I love Chicago.  He figured we could celebrate there.

P and I have never flown anywhere together – this will be the first time.  I’m getting more and more excited as I think about it.  I know he will have to work and I will probably work too, but this will be a really great way to begin our second year of marriage.

Has your S.O. ever surprised you for an anniversary or special occasion?  P is getting really good at surprising me: engagement parties, birthday bikes, etc.

I also need suggestions as to what to do and where to go while we are there!  We’ve both been several times but it’s so big and there is so much to do.


Weekend Round-Up

This weekend was great.  Full of friends and fun with very little relaxation but great.  Friday night P and I went to dinner with some of our good friends to…. I’m not sure what verb to use because celebrate isn’t really appropriate and mourn is too much… spend some time before they move to Louisiana.  You may remember E & M from our church supper club.  We’ve been fortunate enough to become close friends over the past year even as our supper club participation dwindled – we just kept hanging out and inviting other friends.  It’s sad to think those days are over but we are definitely excited for this new chapter of their lives as M moves into a new stage of his career and E moves in mommy-hood.  In a later post, I’ll have a rundown of the shower we threw for E on Sunday at our house.  It was fun.

So we ate at the Carolina Ale House where we sat on the lower level but right off the sidewalk.  The doors/windows were open and there was a great breeze.  It was just a nice evening.  I was surprised at how good the seasonal salmon salad was that I ordered – CAH isn’t exactly known for its food.  I was pleasantly surprised.  P had a turkey wrap that also looked good.  We got to see some of the Pulley’s friends that we’ve had dinner with before and I hope that we somehow manage to run into them again even without to aid of our mutual friends.  It was a bittersweet night.  M described it as the last game of high school sports – you are sad to leave but also know that you’re onto bigger things.  We just hope they come to Greenville and visit regularly.  E has become a regular in my life between book club, church, just being friends so I’m already on the lookout for a replacement.  (She’ll know what I mean.)  They’re also not moving too far from our family in New Orleans so I’m anticipating some road trips in the future.

We didn’t stay out late Friday because we got up fairly early Saturday to help my bff move in Asheville.  We woke up to pouring rain which did not have me excited to either be driving mountain roads or moving but fortunately the rain stopped by the time we reached MD’s old apartment.  MD has been moving small carloads over steadily the last 2 weeks so really it was just P and her bf’s muscles that were needed to move the big things.  I really felt kind of useless…told MD I was counting on getting some exercise.  Oh well.  I’m really happy for MD – she’s got a great career, has met a good guy, and now has moved into her first grown-up house, which is really cute.  We were there only a few hours and we got homemade lasagna as payment.  And when I say “homemade,” I mean even the noodles.  I had 2 helpings, it was that good.  I wish we had been able to stay and hang out some more but we had to get home so P could finish the front deck of the house which he had spent the last week tearing down and rebuilding.  I needed to get home to clean for the baby shower.  So, we just had stuff to do.

Saturday night we went to the brand new dueling piano bar downtown, Jack N’ Diane’s, which deserves its own post.  And Sunday’s baby shower does as well.  As you can see, it was a pretty jam-packed weekend.  I think P and I will take it easy this week because I’m pretty sure all of our weekends in August look like this too… should be fun.


The Seafare – Williamsburg, VA

Saturday night while P and I were in Williamsburg, VA to see his family we took his dad out to dinner for his birthday.  After searching through Opentable we chose the Seafare, a restaurant in downtown Williamsburg that has been around for years.  Somehow, despite living in Williamsburg his entire life, P’s dad (and no one else in his family) had ever been.  It was a great choice and a really nice evening out.

Not only was the company some of the best but the food and dining experience was stellar.  Before we even ordered, the server, who was fabulous, brought out a small piece of rum bread for each of us.  It was delicious and one of three different bread selections we sampled through the evening.

P picked out a bottle of white wine to share, a Truchard Chardonnay.  It was pretty good.  He liked it a lot but it was a bit too mineral-y for me.  I would definitely drink it again but would not have been my first choice.  I will buy a bottle or two for P though if I ever see it.  Their wine list was extensive and in a beautiful leather bound book.

We ordered a chopped salad to share – their salads are very large and great for sharing.  We probably could have split it between 4 or 5 people, not that we struggled to finish it between the three of us.  Fresh, housemade bread came with our salad.  P also ordered a half dozen oysters.  I had my two and his second – love raw oysters!  Was shocked he ordered them but I think our recent trip to Pearlz in Charleston showed them how good they can be.   We were given a palette cleanser of strawberry sorbet after our appetizers.  I always feel like these little details are the sign of a fancy restaurant.

P’s dad ordered the crab cakes for his entree which came with a side (mashed potatoes, baked potato, fries, or rice) and broccoli and carrots.  There were two crab cakes and they were huge and all meat, very little filler.  He said they were great.  P ordered the special:  steak and shrimp which came with the same side options.  I ordered the sea bass and was shocked at how large the fillet was.  Sea bass usually comes in smaller portions, not that I had trouble finishing it.  Each of our meals also came with an offering of cornbread muffins – yum.

There were very little leftovers even after three courses – sign of a good meal!  Now, The Seafare, is definitely a special occasion restaurant.  Be prepared to spend $50 per person easily and more if you order appetizers, desserts, and drinks.  It is definitely worth the price but probably just once a year.  I’m really glad we took P’s dad because we never get to spend time with just him.  I think he really enjoyed it and I enjoyed my two dates.  :)

I would highly recommend you visit The Seafare if you are looking for a special evening out during your visit in Williamsburg.

Been a while…trip to VA

So it has been a long, long time since I’ve been here and part of it has been being busy, part of it is having lots to say but no real desire to, and the other part is that I have been switching my hosting over.  I switched my hosting from Bluehost – didn’t have any issues with them just didn’t want to pay for hosting any more for a blog I barely use – to Rackspace.  I have an account with Rackspace through my company and figured I would use it!

There has been quite a bit going on this April!  P finished the bar in our house and the deck on the side of the house (will do full posts of pictures later), one of my best friends got married, we signed a big client at work, I hosted an unsuccessful Aloette party, ran a 5K, and lots more…

This past weekend P and I took an impromptu trip to VA.  His mother passed out at the hospital where she works in Williamsburg, VA and after tests she was transferred to MCV in Richmond.  Apparently, after her heart attack in 2012 the cardiologist prescribed Plavix, I think it is a blood thinner, and never took her off it.  One of the side effects of Plavix, especially after more than 2 years!, is ulcers. Well, my mother-in-law did get an ulcer, one that was slowly bleeding her out.  Slowly but then very quickly since it was on an artery!  Thankfully she was at the hospital where she works when she passed out because that saved her life.

As you can imagine, P was concerned (as was I) so we decided to leave work early Friday and make the 6+ hour trip to VA to make sure she was ok ourselves.  P is very close and very protective of his mom.  One night while we were there his mom wasn’t answering her phone, probably sleeping, so he called the nurses station and gave them his cell number in case anything changed in her condition.  It was kind of sweet.

Going up to VA is kind of crazy especially when only for a weekend.  It’s like when we visit Charlotte where my family is.  Parents, grandparents, old friends, etc.  Lots of people to see and only so little time.  We covered as many bases as we could while also spending time with his mom at the hospital.  We saw his aunt at the hospital, took his dad out to dinner for his birthday, spent the night with P’s best friend and his wife in their new house, and had lunch with his grandparents and aunt and uncle.  All within about 36 hours.  I would say it was a successful weekend especially because by the time we left P’s mom was in much better condition. We are hoping that she will get to go home soon!

Lots to catch up on, lots of pictures to share, lots of sleep and house chores to catch up on!