22 Days of Thanksgiving

Have you seen the latest Facebook trend?  I have several friends who are participating in a daily proclamation of what they are thankful for.  I think it’s a great idea to shout out to the world how much you are thankful for the life you lead.  I didn’t get involved on Facebook, but every time I read what someone has written I go through a little list in my head:  I am thankful for… It is a great exercise and I felt like this was the best outlet for it.  I’m not sure if the rules apply to all 30 days in November or just the 22 ’til Thanksgiving.  I’m going to start with 22 and go from there.  There is no order!  Pretend that every line starts with “I am thankful for…”

1 – Space heaters and extra blankets (and the body heat of my husband!). Our heater has been been broken for about a month now and we are looking at another 2-3 weeks until the part comes in to fix it.

2 – A beautiful, unique house despite the broken heater, faulty electrical (electrician is coming today!).  Despite the large mortgage payment and never ending list of things that need to be done or fixed, our house is stunning and I consider us so lucky to have found it.

3 – The ability to wear yoga pants or jeans to work every day – I may or may not have worn these same yoga pants the last 2 days as well…

4 – Owning my own business even though it is turning out to be a really challenging venture.

5 – On that note, paying clients.

6 – Two loving families, one that knows me so well and understands that I am an emotional roller coaster and another that has joined the ride.

7 – Two families to share holidays with.  Thanksgiving will be with P’s family and it’s bittersweet, I’m looking forward to being part of new traditions but sad to be missing out on my annual Black Friday shopping spree with my mom.

8 – Our little niece Elle.  I was there the day she was born and am excited to be a part of her life as she grows up.

9 – My new husband.  I feel our relationship continue to grow every day and I feel closer and closer to him every day (and not just for his body heat!)

10 – My husband’s ambition and work ethic.  He works so hard to make sure that our little family is taken care of and to secure our future.

11 – Nachos, especially with grilled chicken and real cheese.  And for Hinchy’s Chicago Bar & Grille in Hilton Head, SC that has the best ever nachos and was our first shared meal of the honeymoon.  (P.S. the trick is to make sure there are toppings throughout, especially cheese – hate it when the bottom is just empty chips!)

12 – Salads and veggies, especially after a day where my only meal was a huge pile of cheesy nachos.

13 – Emergen-c and Airborne to keep that sickness away!

14 – A good night’s sleep and sometimes a nap.  If I’m tired, I’m cranky and worthless.

15 – Amazing wedding photos from our amazing wedding.  Since I barely remember that entire day, the photos have helped restore some memory!

16 – Living in Greenville, SC.  A beautiful city with just nice people.

17 – The opportunity to make more money by dogsitting, babysitting, and working really fun events.

18 – Generous friends and family, especially with wedding presents!

19 – The internet! and Apple!  and basically all technology that makes me go, what did we do before without…. (i.e. iPhones, microwaves, indoor plumbing!)

20 – Thrift stores.

21 - Amazing girlfriends.  Nuff said.  Please move back to Greenville.

22 – and the last one… There is so much I could put here, people, items, places, etc. but to round it all out I’m thankful to be healthy.

I may have to add to this list periodically as they occur to me.  After all, we shouldn’t count our blessings just once a year.

Are you participating on Facebook, publicly telling the world what you’re thankful for?  Is it hard to come up with a list or hard to keep it down to 22?