Extra Ultrasounds (weeks 28, 31, 32)

We had our extra ultrasound right at 28 weeks just to check and see how our little one is growing. We had some tests early that just indicated that we needed to watch how the placenta is performing. I’ll take an extra ultrasound or two as long as it means she’s healthy! Of course, our stubborn child refused to roll over so we really didn’t get any good pictures of her face. Although, we did see she has hair!

We learned that she is potentially dropping off the growth scale with her stomach only being at the 6th percentile but I later learned from the midwife who leads my prenatal group that it’s not just her stomach that is small. She’s small all over, which is more than likely just genetic and not an indication that there is an issue. They call this Interuterine Growth Restriction and it is very common – most of the time it’s just indicative of a small baby but other times it can be a sign of other problems. They are going to keep an eye on her for now just to make sure. I don’t (and the midwife doesn’t really either) think it is necessary but I can see how they would want to cover themselves.

I’ve gone back twice now, without P, to continue to be checked out. I think it must have been 31 & 32 weeks (or the Thursday before I officially moved into those weeks) and she is continuing to measure small but still at about 17% overall (10-90% is the range you want to be in). I was a little disappointed to learn that she’s now at around 2% in her stomach but again, she’s just small all over. She continues to test A+ when it comes to her movement, blood flow, fluid, and practice breathing. It’s really these tests that are the most important because it means that she is still safe and healthy in her current environment and everything is working as it should. Basically, we have a small baby. Week 34, two more ultrasounds away, they will do another growth test to see if she has dropped in size or picked up. It’s likely she’ll have picked up some since she will do her most growing in the last two months, which we are in. P will probably go with me to that one since these in between ones are so short.

My initial reaction to being told that I would have to come back for 3 weeks in a row was irritation. I already have pre-natal appointments that are every other week and now we’re adding on more. It’s just more time and more money, but I know I need to be grateful that I get to have the weekly opportunity to see my baby and get some reassurance that everything is going well whereas most women get a 20 week ultrasound and that is it!

28, 29, almost 30 weeks!

I’ve been a bad mommy-to-be blogger the last  month. Work has been absolutely insane. I think I’ve said this before with no real understanding of what that even means until we hit this summer. We are all, everyone in the office, even our new intern who went to full-time employee after two weeks simply because we were so busy, is working 10 hours days or more. I’m not stopping to go to the gym at lunch like I used to (still making it afterward), not stopping to check blogs, not stepping to write blogs, not stopping to take care of personal business, just going and going and going full-on-non-stop.

P snuck a picture of me while on the beach and posted it on Facebook. At first I was a little shocked to see myself so exposed publicly but I got over it. Especially since his post was "more beautiful than ever."  28 weeks.

P snuck a picture of me while on the beach and posted it on Facebook. At first I was a little shocked to see myself so exposed publicly but I got over it. Especially since his post was “more beautiful than ever.” 28 weeks.

As a business owner this is a good problem to have, means we have the work. As a soon to be mother who will have to cut back on hours working, this is something that I have some angst about. But, we will deal when we get there and somehow it always seems to work out for others so it will for me.

Oh, and P and I went on vacation to St. Augustine, Florida last week and whereas I still spent 3-4 hours working a day (rainy afternoons), it was so.so.great. It was like a second honeymoon. We slept in, ate out, ate in, napped, watched Shark Week (always on when we’re at the beach!) spent time at the beach and the pool. Basically, we tried to relax as much as possible, around the work we had to keep up with while we were there. We got a tan, reconnected (not that we were disconnected), and generally just enjoyed each other. It was kind of bittersweet because while I’m being reminded of how much I just really like my husband and how much I really like our twosome time together, I also felt like I was mourning that part of our life. I hope we can make a real effort to get away, just the two of us, semi-regularly, to remember how much we truly do like each other in the midst of what is day to day life. I know some grandmas whom I’m sure would come babysit.

29 weeks

29 weeks

As far as how I’ve felt this week, decent. I’m definitely tired but it is a combo of pregnancy and just crazy work days. I’m also missing our vacation naps. I had my centering group appointment Tuesday and got some additional info from the midwife about our results from the ultrasound we had at 28 weeks. She basically said we shouldn’t worry, that Baby Girl is just a small baby. If she was larger in all areas BUT her stomach then we should be worried because it would indicate an issue with blood flow but she’s just small all over. I did ask if that meant she’d be late and she said not necessarily so that’s good news.

I’ve also started having Braxton Hicks contractions, which for me feel like period cramps. Basically my body prepping itself for labor and giving me a little mental preview as to what I can expect (times a lot more pain). I’ve also started having more painful ligament pain in my lower left abdomen – these two combined woke me up around 3am last night and would not let me sleep or find comfort for several hours. I think I actually fell asleep at some point on my knees leaning over and against a bunch of pillows. Whatever works. I’ve gained almost 20 lbs if you go with my 1st measurement of 125 and it is starting to get harder to bend over. I did yoga last night and I’m continuing to hit the gym so staying active despite the tired.

Can’t believe we hit 30 weeks tomorrow. 40 weeks seems so close yet so far. I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever!


25 Weeks

25 weeks and I’ve just kind of popped! I think up until last week I was able to “hide” my pregnancy – not that I was trying but certain outfits just kept it wear under cover. In fact, one of my nursery coworkers didn’t even know I was pregnant until Sunday. I’m also to the point where I feel comfortable wearing tighter tops because it’s obvious I’m pregnant and didn’t just have a big lunch. Not only am I looking pregnant but I am feeling it! Take a look at these images from today – I look so tired! photo 2 photo 4

I also feel like I look like I have gained all of the 16 extra pounds the scale showed me yesterday at my Centering Group appointment. For some reason seeing that 139.4lbs show up on the scale was hard for me to swallow. I’m still working on accepting it even though I KNOW that I am right on target, have not gained more than I should, and am still eating healthy and staying active. It’s still a hard thing to do, I’ve never been this heavy before. But, baby girl is healthy and I am grateful!

Strangely enough we talked at Centering about how we are sleeping and I had been sleeping really well lately and of course jinxed it by saying it out loud. I hope I didn’t keep P up last night. I can not get comfortable and I got really hot. As much as Snoogle helps with comfort and support most nights, it gets really hot! I can’t sleep with covers on any more.

Other developments this week, I’m back to that uncomfortable feeling of I know that I am growing because I can feel it. No one tells you that you will feel you body stretching and how it doesn’t feel good! It’s also getting somewhat difficult to bend over these days, although I think it depends on where the baby is. I’m also getting more tired and staying more tired. I hit a wall at 3:30pm pretty much every day! I just work through it because I’m an awful napper. It takes a while for me to fall asleep and then once I wake up (if I ever sleep at all) I feel groggy so there’s really no point. I do feel bad for my team at work though because my patience and mood definitely take a decline around that time. I tend to get a second wind by 6ish especially if I make it to the gym. I’ve been able to cook the last few weeks which I know P enjoys. Not just meals for lunch and dinner but also I’ve done some baking so we have nice, healthy treats for breakfasts and snacks.

I’m starting to get more excited about labor than nervous and scared. I think its my innate curiosity taking over. Instead of focusing on the fear of the unknown I’m focusing on the curiosity and the desire for knowledge. I’m starting to lean more towards a natural birth, if I can do it. Actually, I know I CAN do it, it’s just a matter of whether or not I’ll have the strength in the moment. I’ve been reading books, like Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth, and also talking a lot in my midwife’s group (Centering) and I just feel like I can do it. I’m even starting to feel like I want to labor, if not deliver although maybe?, in the water. I’m trying to keep on open mind and an open birth plan, trusting my body and my doctor/midwife. I’m just getting really excited to meet this little girl!

P has been working hard in the nursery, installing shelves and painting the built-ins. His mom comes next weekend to pick out a crib and then once we have it and a rocking chair the nursery will be ready for decorating. I’m excited to see it come together and I love that baby girl will know that her daddy did all of it for her.10562876_838089140764_779012314_o

I’m feeling calm right now which is not really typical for me. I’m usually high-strung and stressed. I definitely have my moments but I feel like I’m going pretty good not going into mom-to-be-zilla mode even though we only have three months left and they are super busy months with lots of travel. Baby is going to come when she comes and we will be “ready” or not – more than likely not, even if we have all the parts and pieces in order.

I’m treasuring these last few months with just P and our little family of 2 but cannot wait to meet this little girl, who is still unnamed and whose parents have still not even talked about names… she’ll get one when one feels right! I do have one in my head but we will see if it continues to feel good and if P likes it. We will see!

24 Weeks

I hit 24 weeks! And it started a bit of a discussion at the gym as to how many months that is and how many months are you really pregnant? Traditionally we have always gone with 9 months but now you hear 10 months. We know it is 40 weeks – at least that is how they predict due date. I get confused as to whether or not it is from your LMP or your conception date but using both dates from us they landed on Oct. 31. So, if every month has exactly 4 weeks then 40 weeks would equal 10 months BUT most months have 30-31 days versus 28. So really you fall somewhere in between 9 and 10. If you count 9 months (going Feb, March, April, etc.) from our date of conception we would be due early October but we are actually due the end of October. So does that mean that at 24 weeks I’m at 6 months or 5+? Does that mean I have 3 months left or 4? Well, really I have 3 months and approximately 3 weeks. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to say 9 or 10 months so I guess that is why we count in weeks instead. photo 1 photo 2

24 weeks also means I am two weeks from the 3rd trimester. This seems like kind of a big deal for me and that I should be bigger than I am but I guess since I still have 3+ months to go I’ve got time to grow! I have to admit I am enjoying all the comments: You’re Pregnant?! You’re 6 months pregnant?! My burrito belly looks bigger than your baby belly! You look great for being due in October! I don’t read into anything that people say too much because you can always turn people’s words into something negative but everyone seems to be so positive and it really does feel good. Of course, my main concern is not how I look, although I’m hopeful I’ll lose baby weight fairly easily post-delivery, but I’m focused on making sure that I am getting the nutrients baby needs and that she is growing big enough. My last appointment I measured right on so I feel good so far. It will be nice to get that extra ultrasound at 28 weeks too – I imagine she will look even more like a real baby by then!

This week P has been installing the shelves in the nursery and we are hoping to get the built-ins painted white this weekend. The big thing we need at this point is the crib and the mobile. Crib first, of course. I’ve been to stores and shopping online to find one that we both like. I didn’t want a headboard style but P does so we are compromising. I do admit that the headboard will look nice when it becomes a toddler or full-size bed. We do want the 4 in 1 option. But I just don’t like how a headboard on a crib means you have to have that side against the wall. It will be fine in our nursery though. And then once the crib is in and the mobile (we bought the kit below in green from Etsy) is up then we can start hanging frames on the wall about the crib. I have them laid out how I kind of like them for now just waiting! Then we can also get a rocking chair – goodness the good ones that look like real furniture are expensive but it will be worth it to be comfortable and also have a piece or furniture that can transition out of the nursery.Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 3.54.45 PM

As far as cravings, still really none although I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and eggs this week. Fruit is just so good this time of year, especially peaches, and it’s easy to bring to work and snack on. Eggs are such an easy source of protein too which I’m trying to make sure I’m getting plenty of. And, of course, I’m still getting my calcium in mostly cheese or yogurt or froyo form – gotta keep those bones strong!

I’m excited about showers coming up in the next couple of months, the nursery coming together, and just continuing to bond as a little family. P has somehow magically stopped snoring this week and it has made me feel so much better to get that sleep and also to get it next to him. He’s finally able to really feel the baby kick and move around and he has this little smile he gets when he moves his hand around my belly. He also has been really good about making me feel like he finds me attractive still – big points for him. I’ve started reading some books on childbirth, specifically started Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth last night. It’s interesting. I’m still undecided about an epidural and apprehensive about delivery but I’m educating myself as to my choices.

Lots to look forward to, October seems so far away!

22 Weeks

I actually hit week 23 tomorrow but I took this picture a few days ago – once again, workout tops seem to be the best to show off my burgeoning bump and the only time I tend to think about taking a picture! At least I’ve got plenty of photo evidence that I am still exercising! Most of these days I’m on my way out for a walk around the neighborhood. I always try to get in at least 30 min but try for an hour if I can. Our neighbor AW has become a good friend and a great walking buddy so I walk with her once or twice a week and then am still hitting the gym at least twice a week. I think I’m averaging 4-5 days of strong physical activity which is what I did before I was pregnant too! photo 2 photo 1I have to admit after seeing this second picture I am not happy with my arms but just because I think I’m used to more definition. I’m making a mental note to do more arms and strength training since I’ve transitioned to more walking than I used to do.

I did yoga for the first time last week, unheated. It felt familiar and really good but at the same time different and somewhat hard. Dealing with a new body, new balance, and having taken several months off! I missed it this week due to a company dinner with P last night but my goal is to go once a week. I was really happy with Zanti, my normal heated studio, and their willingness to work with pregnant ladies. The owner even printed out some information for me! I know a few women who have kept up hot yoga (even sculpt!) or have worked back into it so I’m wondering if that is an option ofr me, maybe not since I’m three weeks away from the 3rd trimester. But I think hot yoga would be great training for labor! My arms were sore the next few days, another indicator I need to keep my strength training up. I hate push-ups so I much prefer weights although I guess push-ups are easier since you can do them anytime, anywhere.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, almost “normal” the last week. I’ve been sleeping well most nights and I haven’t had as discomfort. I did have a slight headache all week and visited the chiropractor last night. Today, even though it felt like a small adjustment, I am so sore! I’m hoping my low back pain and headaches will be done after a good night’s sleep tonight. My stomach has been torn up too, not sure if that’s a result of the adjustment or the dinner we went to last night (Bin 112 – yummy).

This week I have also been super hungry! I’ve always been known as a snacker and having snacks at the office but I cannot keep them stocked right now! It’s just hard to tell how hungry I’m going to be. I’ve eaten almost all the food I bring for the day to the office by lunchtime and by 3/4pm I’m starving! Today I brought an extra banana and I’ve still got a peach waiting for me and yogurt in the fridge. I’m trying to keep my snacks healthy but I did eat some dark chocolate cookies this week. Better quit that since I have my glucose test this month.

P and I also registered at Babies ‘R Us this weekend. He did better than I thought, no complaining although he hit his max (and me too) at about an hour maybe 1.5 hours. I’m debating whether we should also register at Buy Buy Baby just for more options. Babies ‘R Us was a nice store and convenient but it seemed limited in terms of options for colors, etc. Target is also an option but three aisles compared to an entire store, it’s hard to decide. We also have an online registry with Amazon.com but I don’t know if we’ll “advertise” that so much.

Where do you recommend we register??


21 Weeks

21 weeks. I’m feeling pretty good. There are days I’m not sleeping well (like last night – Baby Girl was moving all around and making me generally uncomfortable if not hurting me at times, also P was snoring) and that makes me more tired that normal but I think if I get a good night’s sleep I can make it throughout most of the day. I’m still loving getting into bed at 9 or earlier. P was out of town for a few nights last week and I took some Benadryl and went to bed at 8pm. 11-12 hours of awesome sleep was just what I needed. It is weird though because I almost get to the point where I am so tired, too tired, and my body fights sleep. It’s so frustrating. I hope I become a better napper before you arrive because it is probably a skill I’m going to need.

Other than that, I’ve just been struggling with the same allergies but it seems that with the addition of a nasal spray and the occasional night with Benadryl that it is more under control. This past weekend my stomach started to get upset too and I’m not sure of the culprit. I’m hoping it is temporary. My first thought was dairy because I had straight milk (2% might have been the issue) right before it started but I had stuffed pasta today for lunch after 2 days no dairy and was fine. I think I’ll avoid the straight milk for now and take more calcium supplements.

We found out that we are having a girl this week! P was pretty surprised but I think he’s on board with the idea now. Took him some liquid courage and time to process but he’s already establishing no dating rules. I’m pretty sure he has no idea what we are getting into, not that I know, but he knows less than me. I’m hoping he will start reading the book his mom got him, Dad’s Expecting Too, soon.

Baby girl has been moving a lot lately. I was able to show my brother-in-law at the pool yesterday how you can see her shift in my stomach already. I got some great shots of my belly at the pool. It actually looks bigger from this angle and you can see the lopsidedness. Most people still tell me I don’t look pregnant yet although I can certainly tell! I have one maternity suit but it is just too hot to be covered up right now! Going with the bikinis until (if) I get uncomfortable exposing myself.photo 5 photo 4We’ve got just over a month until we hit the third trimester! Sounds like a long time but we have a lot to do between now and then. We have been super busy with traveling and visitors and parties so I’m hoping the next few months gives us more down time at home to get things done in the nursery, take classes and tours, and basically get prepared – as much as possible – without feeling rushed or stressed. I’m definitely getting excited to be a momma. P is too. We are going to have a total Daddy’s Girl and I’m sure I’ll be punished for the crap I put my mom through in my pre-teen years…

photo 3


Baby Girl

This Saturday a big part of your family traveled to Greenville to discover whether you were going to be a little boy or a little girl. Your aunt, uncle and cousin came from Augusta, GA which was really special since they’re moving to Texas soon. Your other aunt and grandparents came from North Carolina, Greensboro and Charlotte respectively. Your paternal grandparents and one of your great-aunts drove all the way from Virginia! Even your great-grandparents on my side came from Charlotte. So did Steve and Larry who are wonderful family friends. So many others wanted to be there so we FaceTimed with many and took video so we could share with those too far away.

Your dad had a pool going where people bet money! More people guessed boy then girl and guess what? They were wrong. I had always thought we would have a boy but I have to say I’ve just had these feelings that you were going to be a little mini-me so whereas I was a little surprised, it actually felt right.


Even your daddy was team blue (his shorts were pink though!)

Your dad came up with the idea for how we would have the reveal. He wanted Cookie Monster cupcakes, since you’re our little Cookie (last name Cooke), with little king’s cake babies in them, pink or blue. We didn’t find out until your dad took a bite of his. I had a little pink plastic baby in my strawberry cupcake!photo 5

We used our wedding baker for the cupcakes since our wedding cupcakes were the best we had ever had. There was a little mix-up on the order but we still had enough and the plan worked. With Love and Confection will still get a referral from me because they are just so good. The cupcakes were super cute but unfortunately the blue icing broke off and we are finding it everywhere! We will probably find it for months to come, maybe once you’re here!photo 3 photo 2

We had burgers and hot dogs which your dad grilled, snacks that several of our friends brought to celebrate (Maria’s avocado salad and Brantley’s corn dip were my favorite), watermelon, chips and salsa and more! It was a really great party and I think everyone had fun. They even brought some gifts just for you which I cannot wait to use/dress you in. Girl clothes are so much fun.photo 1

We are one step closer to learning who you are going to be as a person. Everyone is so excited to meet you and I’m getting excited to really start getting your nursery decorated and thinking about names.

We love you already!

Just for fun, here is one of our friend’s 1 year old daughter playing with your two year old cousin – your cousin wasn’t too keen on sharing her family but little L was just too cute and sweet. You’re going to be just as cute, I know it.photo 1 photo 5

photo 2

20 Weeks

Dear Little One,

20 weeks is a big one! You have grown so much and I cannot believe that you are halfway done in there! Last week we had your anatomy ultrasound and everything looked great! The ultrasound tech was really nice and loved your little feet. We had no idea that she did, in fact, check out your gender but since she didn’t say anything we had no idea she was even looking. She wrapped up that “boy or girl” and sealed it in an envelope so I could drop it off at the baker for our big reveal party this weekend. Your dad and I are really excited about finally learning whether you are a girl or a boy – most people think you are a boy but we will see.

photo 4

Your dad came up with the idea for the party – Cookie Monster all the way at a little “Cooke-out” at our house. Both sets of your grandparents are coming, all of your uncles and aunts, your cousin, one set of great-grandparents and a great-aunt plus lots of friends who already love you. I might be a little stressed about such an undertaking but will be happy to have so many helpful hands at the house. Be prepared, once everyone knows if you’ll be in pink or blue, I have a feeling the presents will start coming. :)

photo 5

Father’s day was this past weekend and I got P a card. He’s been really sweet letting me rest when I need to, lots of hugs and kisses for the belly. Plus, he painted your room last weekend. It’s a pretty blue-green color and I cannot wait to see the sheets your great-grandmother is making. It’s all coming together!

photo 1

We have had lots of visitors the last few weeks at the house and all of them always ask about you. Your paternal grandmother and great-grandparents visited a week ago along with your maternal grandparents. It was great to have help cooking, cleaning, and in the yard. Your grandmothers are going to be a big help once you are here helping your mom keep her sanity. And tonight one of my college friends who is living in Switzerland is also coming to visit! We will be definitely using all of our guest sheets this week.photo 2As far as how Mom feels (me), I’m ok. The past week or so I have struggled with bad  moods and just generally feeling in the dumps plus feeling a lot of stress. I don’t know how I am going to leave work when you come but you will definitely come first so I will! My cold/sinus/allergy issues have been bad again and the doctor recommended a nasal spray which I think is helping but I cannot be sure. Nothing seems to make the sniffles, coughing and congestion go away. I’m still working out, walking or going to the gym but my goal is to start making it to yoga on Sunday afternoons, once we have a Sunday afternoon at home with no plans. I think I’ve gained maybe 10 lbs? I’ll find out later this month at my next pre-natal group appointment. Everyone tells me I don’t look pregnant and some days I don’t physically feel it in terms of my belly but when I have on fitted clothes it seems obvious to me. I think you might be hitting a growth spurt today though because my belly has been uncomfortable.

16 weeks

16 weeks

18 weeks

18 weeks

Other random symptoms and comments: no cravings really although I did buy (and ate exactly 1 then forgot about them) Smore’s PopTarts, no stomach sickness (knock on wood), I get sweaty at night especially with my hair down, and I’m loving Snoogle! My main “symptoms” have been the allergy/sinus issues, tiredness in the afternoons/early evenings, and the moodiness. I’m sleeping better again and hope I continue to do so!

So excited to learn more about you this weekend and to celebrate with our families!


18, almost 19 weeks!

Tomorrow I will be 19 weeks and one week from today we have our 20 week ultrasound. I am so ready. Despite feeling Baby move pretty regularly, I feel like I haven’t connected with him/her in a while so seeing a “real” looking baby on the screen is going to be awesome. Two weeks and two days we have our big gender reveal party to find out whether we are having a little girl or boy!

Last night a friend stopped by the house (he owns Deckmasters of Greenville and Deckstore, two great companies for outdoor living whether you need product or services – they built our two decks and theideagroup built their websites) and we showed him the blue color we had chosen for the nursery. He was like, you’re giving it away, but despite our traditionally “boy” color choice we still have no idea. Girls like blue too! We will accessorize more to fit the specific gender but not too much. I took an interesting gender studies class in college while in Australia and a lot of what we learned is that we start “teaching” our children gender roles and stereotypes early on even unintentionally.

I’ve always wanted to have a boy first but now that I’m actually expecting I’m not so sure. Obviously P and I will be happy no matter what but there are some definite differences I see between boys and girls at different ages (whether you teach them gender roles or not!) and there are days now that I feel strongly it is a girl. But everyone who has taken a guess has said boy so who knows! I’m getting anxious though, I’m ready!

How far along: 19 weeks tomorrow
Gender: we find out in two weeks!
Weight gain: I was up 6 lbs at my last appointment at the end of May
Workouts: I am still getting to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and trying to walk on week days that I can’t make the gym. Weekends I may walk but mostly allow myself to rest and catch up around the house. I would like to start getting into yoga again but have yet to find a class (unheated) that works with my schedule which is super busy these days. I hit up Total Body at the gym today but it’ll be the only class I make this week. Hoping to get back into it more often but work is keeping me stretched during the day.
Maternity clothes: yes! and fortunately a lot of my dresses still work
Stretch marks: none yet, but have started using a cocoa butter, vitamin E, etc. combo lotion twice a day
Belly button in or out: in
Sleep: I think sleep is getting better but it varies day to day. Unfortunately P has developed a snoring habit over the last several months so I tend to sleep better when I’m alone in bed but I miss him. We are trying to find solutions so that he doesn’t snore or at least not as badly.
Best moment(s) the past few weeks: 
Fabric shopping with Mom
Worst moment this week(s): Ugh, I think I’ve been moody and negative the last week or so. I’m not sure if it’s hormones or just all the little things that have been going awry, cracking my phone screen, ants in the bathrooms, hurt my back (chiropractor helped greatly), some stressful meetings at work, etc. I need to focus on being more positive.
Miss anything: Not really. The ability to just move around freely, have energy, the desire to cuddle with P on the couch (which is just uncomfortable right now)
Movement: I don’t feel the baby moving but I definitely feel my body shifting.
Cravings: I don’t know that I’ve had real cravings but there have been days over the last week or so when I’ll get something in my head and want it: Mellow Mushroom, BBQ, Raisin Bran. It seems to be only once and then I’m good.
Queasy or sick: I’ve had some nausea at times but my little dissolvable pill has helped.
Looking forward to:  Our gender reveal party and seeing the nursery painted which P is hoping to work on this week. Also, some of our family will be here this weekend which is always fun.

Nursery Fabric

Mom and went shopping yesterday to start picking out fabrics for the nursery. We went to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia – I highly recommend. We also got our master bedding fabric there. My grandmother is going to sew the sheets and the curtains so we wanted to at least get sheet fabrics picked in order to help us decide on paint colors. We will go back later after MawMaw has fully recovered from her foot surgery. We felt a little over our heads figuring that out. photo 2

Here are the paint chips we landed on, leaning more towards the ones on the right and left.photo 1

Here are the sheet fabrics. The cream and teal only geometric is going to be a blanket and maybe play into the curtains? The number fabric will probably be paired with the teal geometric in a blanket or a trim fabric for other items. I love seeing them all together!photo 3photo 5photo 3 photo 4 photo 2 photo 5 photo 4

Here are just some curtain options we saw but are waiting on MawMaw to figure out what fabrics we need and how much. One whole wall of the nursery is windows so this is going to make a huge impact on the room! We are thinking cream or white with colored trim or different panels but we need the expert to help!photo 2 photo 1I’m finally visualizing everything and getting excited! Thanks Mom for your help! Now picking the paint… any suggestions?