Things I Didn’t Know to Expect About Pregnancy

1. You actually feel your body growing, stretching, especially in the ligaments. It doesn’t feel good.

2. You will forget what it felt like to not be pregnant.

3. You will cease to be able to see your nether region. Grooming with become a by touch exercise or you will cease to care at all because you cannot see it.

4. Nipple and breast soreness and pain.

5. Your boobs may get bigger but not actually feel or look bigger to you because they’re now right beside a much larger stomach so they look proportional or small in comparison.

6. You may not have any food cravings at all.

7. Period symptoms, like cramping, don’t go away, they just become pregnancy symptoms.

8. Being pregnant just becomes normal. Feeling arms and legs with real bones becomes normal.

9. Those are real human bones in there and when they kick, you can definitely tell.

10. Your belly will move and it will be visible to not just you but to others.

11. You may cease to care about all the email updates and stop reading about what size fruit she is. Besides, they seem to shop at a totally different grocery store.

12. It takes forever. You will feel like you’ve been pregnant forever and everyone else will tell you it feels like you just told them yesterday.

13. Who knew what a bloody show, a perineal massage or bottle are. And who wants to think about them at all. Not me.

14. Stitches.

I’ll keep adding to this list!

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