Extra Ultrasounds (weeks 28, 31, 32)

We had our extra ultrasound right at 28 weeks just to check and see how our little one is growing. We had some tests early that just indicated that we needed to watch how the placenta is performing. I’ll take an extra ultrasound or two as long as it means she’s healthy! Of course, our stubborn child refused to roll over so we really didn’t get any good pictures of her face. Although, we did see she has hair!

We learned that she is potentially dropping off the growth scale with her stomach only being at the 6th percentile but I later learned from the midwife who leads my prenatal group that it’s not just her stomach that is small. She’s small all over, which is more than likely just genetic and not an indication that there is an issue. They call this Interuterine Growth Restriction and it is very common – most of the time it’s just indicative of a small baby but other times it can be a sign of other problems. They are going to keep an eye on her for now just to make sure. I don’t (and the midwife doesn’t really either) think it is necessary but I can see how they would want to cover themselves.

I’ve gone back twice now, without P, to continue to be checked out. I think it must have been 31 & 32 weeks (or the Thursday before I officially moved into those weeks) and she is continuing to measure small but still at about 17% overall (10-90% is the range you want to be in). I was a little disappointed to learn that she’s now at around 2% in her stomach but again, she’s just small all over. She continues to test A+ when it comes to her movement, blood flow, fluid, and practice breathing. It’s really these tests that are the most important because it means that she is still safe and healthy in her current environment and everything is working as it should. Basically, we have a small baby. Week 34, two more ultrasounds away, they will do another growth test to see if she has dropped in size or picked up. It’s likely she’ll have picked up some since she will do her most growing in the last two months, which we are in. P will probably go with me to that one since these in between ones are so short.

My initial reaction to being told that I would have to come back for 3 weeks in a row was irritation. I already have pre-natal appointments that are every other week and now we’re adding on more. It’s just more time and more money, but I know I need to be grateful that I get to have the weekly opportunity to see my baby and get some reassurance that everything is going well whereas most women get a 20 week ultrasound and that is it!

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