24 Weeks

I hit 24 weeks! And it started a bit of a discussion at the gym as to how many months that is and how many months are you really pregnant? Traditionally we have always gone with 9 months but now you hear 10 months. We know it is 40 weeks – at least that is how they predict due date. I get confused as to whether or not it is from your LMP or your conception date but using both dates from us they landed on Oct. 31. So, if every month has exactly 4 weeks then 40 weeks would equal 10 months BUT most months have 30-31 days versus 28. So really you fall somewhere in between 9 and 10. If you count 9 months (going Feb, March, April, etc.) from our date of conception we would be due early October but we are actually due the end of October. So does that mean that at 24 weeks I’m at 6 months or 5+? Does that mean I have 3 months left or 4? Well, really I have 3 months and approximately 3 weeks. There doesn’t seem to be a good way to say 9 or 10 months so I guess that is why we count in weeks instead. photo 1 photo 2

24 weeks also means I am two weeks from the 3rd trimester. This seems like kind of a big deal for me and that I should be bigger than I am but I guess since I still have 3+ months to go I’ve got time to grow! I have to admit I am enjoying all the comments: You’re Pregnant?! You’re 6 months pregnant?! My burrito belly looks bigger than your baby belly! You look great for being due in October! I don’t read into anything that people say too much because you can always turn people’s words into something negative but everyone seems to be so positive and it really does feel good. Of course, my main concern is not how I look, although I’m hopeful I’ll lose baby weight fairly easily post-delivery, but I’m focused on making sure that I am getting the nutrients baby needs and that she is growing big enough. My last appointment I measured right on so I feel good so far. It will be nice to get that extra ultrasound at 28 weeks too – I imagine she will look even more like a real baby by then!

This week P has been installing the shelves in the nursery and we are hoping to get the built-ins painted white this weekend. The big thing we need at this point is the crib and the mobile. Crib first, of course. I’ve been to stores and shopping online to find one that we both like. I didn’t want a headboard style but P does so we are compromising. I do admit that the headboard will look nice when it becomes a toddler or full-size bed. We do want the 4 in 1 option. But I just don’t like how a headboard on a crib means you have to have that side against the wall. It will be fine in our nursery though. And then once the crib is in and the mobile (we bought the kit below in green from Etsy) is up then we can start hanging frames on the wall about the crib. I have them laid out how I kind of like them for now just waiting! Then we can also get a rocking chair – goodness the good ones that look like real furniture are expensive but it will be worth it to be comfortable and also have a piece or furniture that can transition out of the nursery.Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 3.54.45 PM

As far as cravings, still really none although I’ve been eating a lot of fruit and eggs this week. Fruit is just so good this time of year, especially peaches, and it’s easy to bring to work and snack on. Eggs are such an easy source of protein too which I’m trying to make sure I’m getting plenty of. And, of course, I’m still getting my calcium in mostly cheese or yogurt or froyo form – gotta keep those bones strong!

I’m excited about showers coming up in the next couple of months, the nursery coming together, and just continuing to bond as a little family. P has somehow magically stopped snoring this week and it has made me feel so much better to get that sleep and also to get it next to him. He’s finally able to really feel the baby kick and move around and he has this little smile he gets when he moves his hand around my belly. He also has been really good about making me feel like he finds me attractive still – big points for him. I’ve started reading some books on childbirth, specifically started Ina May’s Guide to Natural Childbirth last night. It’s interesting. I’m still undecided about an epidural and apprehensive about delivery but I’m educating myself as to my choices.

Lots to look forward to, October seems so far away!

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