22 Weeks

I actually hit week 23 tomorrow but I took this picture a few days ago – once again, workout tops seem to be the best to show off my burgeoning bump and the only time I tend to think about taking a picture! At least I’ve got plenty of photo evidence that I am still exercising! Most of these days I’m on my way out for a walk around the neighborhood. I always try to get in at least 30 min but try for an hour if I can. Our neighbor AW has become a good friend and a great walking buddy so I walk with her once or twice a week and then am still hitting the gym at least twice a week. I think I’m averaging 4-5 days of strong physical activity which is what I did before I was pregnant too! photo 2 photo 1I have to admit after seeing this second picture I am not happy with my arms but just because I think I’m used to more definition. I’m making a mental note to do more arms and strength training since I’ve transitioned to more walking than I used to do.

I did yoga for the first time last week, unheated. It felt familiar and really good but at the same time different and somewhat hard. Dealing with a new body, new balance, and having taken several months off! I missed it this week due to a company dinner with P last night but my goal is to go once a week. I was really happy with Zanti, my normal heated studio, and their willingness to work with pregnant ladies. The owner even printed out some information for me! I know a few women who have kept up hot yoga (even sculpt!) or have worked back into it so I’m wondering if that is an option ofr me, maybe not since I’m three weeks away from the 3rd trimester. But I think hot yoga would be great training for labor! My arms were sore the next few days, another indicator I need to keep my strength training up. I hate push-ups so I much prefer weights although I guess push-ups are easier since you can do them anytime, anywhere.

I’ve been feeling pretty good, almost “normal” the last week. I’ve been sleeping well most nights and I haven’t had as discomfort. I did have a slight headache all week and visited the chiropractor last night. Today, even though it felt like a small adjustment, I am so sore! I’m hoping my low back pain and headaches will be done after a good night’s sleep tonight. My stomach has been torn up too, not sure if that’s a result of the adjustment or the dinner we went to last night (Bin 112 – yummy).

This week I have also been super hungry! I’ve always been known as a snacker and having snacks at the office but I cannot keep them stocked right now! It’s just hard to tell how hungry I’m going to be. I’ve eaten almost all the food I bring for the day to the office by lunchtime and by 3/4pm I’m starving! Today I brought an extra banana and I’ve still got a peach waiting for me and yogurt in the fridge. I’m trying to keep my snacks healthy but I did eat some dark chocolate cookies this week. Better quit that since I have my glucose test this month.

P and I also registered at Babies ‘R Us this weekend. He did better than I thought, no complaining although he hit his max (and me too) at about an hour maybe 1.5 hours. I’m debating whether we should also register at Buy Buy Baby just for more options. Babies ‘R Us was a nice store and convenient but it seemed limited in terms of options for colors, etc. Target is also an option but three aisles compared to an entire store, it’s hard to decide. We also have an online registry with Amazon.com but I don’t know if we’ll “advertise” that so much.

Where do you recommend we register??


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