Baby Girl

This Saturday a big part of your family traveled to Greenville to discover whether you were going to be a little boy or a little girl. Your aunt, uncle and cousin came from Augusta, GA which was really special since they’re moving to Texas soon. Your other aunt and grandparents came from North Carolina, Greensboro and Charlotte respectively. Your paternal grandparents and one of your great-aunts drove all the way from Virginia! Even your great-grandparents on my side came from Charlotte. So did Steve and Larry who are wonderful family friends. So many others wanted to be there so we FaceTimed with many and took video so we could share with those too far away.

Your dad had a pool going where people bet money! More people guessed boy then girl and guess what? They were wrong. I had always thought we would have a boy but I have to say I’ve just had these feelings that you were going to be a little mini-me so whereas I was a little surprised, it actually felt right.


Even your daddy was team blue (his shorts were pink though!)

Your dad came up with the idea for how we would have the reveal. He wanted Cookie Monster cupcakes, since you’re our little Cookie (last name Cooke), with little king’s cake babies in them, pink or blue. We didn’t find out until your dad took a bite of his. I had a little pink plastic baby in my strawberry cupcake!photo 5

We used our wedding baker for the cupcakes since our wedding cupcakes were the best we had ever had. There was a little mix-up on the order but we still had enough and the plan worked. With Love and Confection will still get a referral from me because they are just so good. The cupcakes were super cute but unfortunately the blue icing broke off and we are finding it everywhere! We will probably find it for months to come, maybe once you’re here!photo 3 photo 2

We had burgers and hot dogs which your dad grilled, snacks that several of our friends brought to celebrate (Maria’s avocado salad and Brantley’s corn dip were my favorite), watermelon, chips and salsa and more! It was a really great party and I think everyone had fun. They even brought some gifts just for you which I cannot wait to use/dress you in. Girl clothes are so much 1

We are one step closer to learning who you are going to be as a person. Everyone is so excited to meet you and I’m getting excited to really start getting your nursery decorated and thinking about names.

We love you already!

Just for fun, here is one of our friend’s 1 year old daughter playing with your two year old cousin – your cousin wasn’t too keen on sharing her family but little L was just too cute and sweet. You’re going to be just as cute, I know 1 photo 5

photo 2

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