21 Weeks

21 weeks. I’m feeling pretty good. There are days I’m not sleeping well (like last night – Baby Girl was moving all around and making me generally uncomfortable if not hurting me at times, also P was snoring) and that makes me more tired that normal but I think if I get a good night’s sleep I can make it throughout most of the day. I’m still loving getting into bed at 9 or earlier. P was out of town for a few nights last week and I took some Benadryl and went to bed at 8pm. 11-12 hours of awesome sleep was just what I needed. It is weird though because I almost get to the point where I am so tired, too tired, and my body fights sleep. It’s so frustrating. I hope I become a better napper before you arrive because it is probably a skill I’m going to need.

Other than that, I’ve just been struggling with the same allergies but it seems that with the addition of a nasal spray and the occasional night with Benadryl that it is more under control. This past weekend my stomach started to get upset too and I’m not sure of the culprit. I’m hoping it is temporary. My first thought was dairy because I had straight milk (2% might have been the issue) right before it started but I had stuffed pasta today for lunch after 2 days no dairy and was fine. I think I’ll avoid the straight milk for now and take more calcium supplements.

We found out that we are having a girl this week! P was pretty surprised but I think he’s on board with the idea now. Took him some liquid courage and time to process but he’s already establishing no dating rules. I’m pretty sure he has no idea what we are getting into, not that I know, but he knows less than me. I’m hoping he will start reading the book his mom got him, Dad’s Expecting Too, soon.

Baby girl has been moving a lot lately. I was able to show my brother-in-law at the pool yesterday how you can see her shift in my stomach already. I got some great shots of my belly at the pool. It actually looks bigger from this angle and you can see the lopsidedness. Most people still tell me I don’t look pregnant yet although I can certainly tell! I have one maternity suit but it is just too hot to be covered up right now! Going with the bikinis until (if) I get uncomfortable exposing myself.photo 5 photo 4We’ve got just over a month until we hit the third trimester! Sounds like a long time but we have a lot to do between now and then. We have been super busy with traveling and visitors and parties so I’m hoping the next few months gives us more down time at home to get things done in the nursery, take classes and tours, and basically get prepared – as much as possible – without feeling rushed or stressed. I’m definitely getting excited to be a momma. P is too. We are going to have a total Daddy’s Girl and I’m sure I’ll be punished for the crap I put my mom through in my pre-teen years…

photo 3


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