16-17 Weeks

I’ve actually been blogging weekly to bi-weekly throughout my whole pregnancy but all of those posts were marked private because we decided to wait to tell the world about our big news. I think I will probably keep those posts private but it’s probably time I start “the list” that most other bloggers use to mark their time while growing their wee ones.

For a quick rundown, I am 17 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Not quite showing but there is a little belly. If you didn’t know me very well you would never know especially since I mostly wear loose fitted clothing. All of my pants though are either yoga or maternity – so comfy! And one of P’s cousins actually gave me some more clothing this weekend when we were up in VA. We went up (6 hours there and 6 back – whew) to see his family and celebrate one of his other cousin’s baby showers and also one of his other cousin’s (there are a lot) daughter’s 3rd birthday. It was a whirlwind trip and I was sick with a cold the entire time but it was worth it to get up there. I am feeling fortunate though that we will only go one more time before the baby comes for our own baby shower. As much as I love being up there the getting there is rough especially right now and especially when sick. P was so frustrated with my coughing that I finally laid into him about being more sympathetic – I think that was the first time I’ve really gone off since pregnant so wanted to make note. He says I get mean when I’m hungry but I think it’s more that I just say, I need to eat, firmly. He knows to find food.

How far along: 17 weeks tomorrow
Gender: we find out next month!
Weight gain: not sure, was about 5lbs 3 weeks ago (129lbs total)
Maternity clothes: yes! and fortunately a lot of my dresses still work
Stretch marks: none yet, need to find a cream/lotion
Belly button in or out: in still
Sleep: not much. even though so tired most of the day, when I finally lay down to sleep, it eludes me and then I wake up several times during the night due to discomfort, P’s snoring, my coughing, need to pee or move, and sometimes for no obvious reason at all. I’m planning on getting a body pillow this week in hopes it will help
Best moment(s) the past few weeks: 
I think being with family this weekend at the baby shower was really nice. I got lots of advice and it was just nice to know that there is this large support system. Oh, and the wallpaper in the nursery was stripped – by someone else! – and that felt really good to know we won’t have to do that ourselves.
Worst moment this week(s): Yesterday I felt really weird/bad. Symptomatically, it was like I got overheated and had not eaten enough but since I was in the AC and made sure I was eating that could not have been the reasons. But I blacked out, fortunately while sitting, while at a video shoot at a client’s that morning and then continued to feel weighed down, tired and sluggish all day. My stomach also felt off. But it seemed to get better the later it got. I have no idea what it was or why.
Miss anything: I miss feeling normal, like myself and having energy. I miss the idea of hot yoga even though it’s the last thing on my mind since I never have enough energy to much more than just walk for exercise. I miss a really good night’s sleep.
Movement: I don’t feel the baby moving but I definitely feel my body shifting.
Cravings: No real cravings. I drove past an old favorite Mexican restaurant and really wanted their amazing shrimp quesadillas so I had one and one day a couple of weeks ago I really wanted a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Other than that, no real cravings just a basic need for food.
Queasy or sick: See “Worst Moment.” I’ve had a cold for about a week which is draining on top of my stomach being out of whack for no reason I can tell. Heartburn and indigestion is a fairly regular companion.
Looking forward to:  Our gender reveal party next month and finding out the sex. Also, starting to figure out what we want in the nursery in terms of color and decor. (Maybe getting some of that 2nd trimester energy everyone’s been telling me about!)

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