Anniversary Surprise!

Several months ago P calls me to inform me that he had bought tickets to go to Dallas, TX the weekend of our first wedding anniversary.  Why, you ask?  Well, he and his family, especially his younger brother who lives in Greenville too, LOVE the Washington Redskins.  It’s actually pretty cool that his whole family is so dedicated to a team even though they haven’t really played well in years…  Back to the “why?”…  The Redskins play their biggest rival, The Dallas Cowboys, that weekend AND the University of Oklahoma plays their biggest rival the University of Texas.  P’s younger brother went to OU and their immediate family became immediate supporters.  Now, this combo of games (plus the TX State Fair) has been talked about A LOT over the years between the two brothers.  They have been waiting and waiting for these two games to coincide.  It just so happened to be my bad luck that it happens on our first anniversary…

Originally, I was going to go along with the guys.  I have some good friends in Dallas so I was looking forward to that and I really like the city itself.  Plus, going to NFL games are always fun.  Then I started putting together the math:  plane ticket, hotel room for 4 nights, football huge match-up tickets, food, alcohol, etc.  I realized that if we were going to spend $2k (easily) on a trip, that this would not be the trip I would choose.  I’d be going to Costa Rica or to wine country.  So, I backed out.  I think P was disappointed and truly, so was I but more because it meant he and I would be apart for our 1st wedding anniversary.

So this morning, P tells me he needs me to take 3 days off that same week he gets back from Dallas, the week after our anniversary.  I immediately am like, I can’t just do that!  I was thinking he needed me to be at home for some house project or something.  But then he, nonchalantly, says that he bought me a ticket to go to Chicago with him on his work trip.  I, of course, felt bad about responding the way I did because it is such a sweet gesture and I love Chicago.  He figured we could celebrate there.

P and I have never flown anywhere together – this will be the first time.  I’m getting more and more excited as I think about it.  I know he will have to work and I will probably work too, but this will be a really great way to begin our second year of marriage.

Has your S.O. ever surprised you for an anniversary or special occasion?  P is getting really good at surprising me: engagement parties, birthday bikes, etc.

I also need suggestions as to what to do and where to go while we are there!  We’ve both been several times but it’s so big and there is so much to do.


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