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I subscribe via email to one blog and one blog only: Today’s Letters.  (All other blogs get Feedly-ed, Google Reader’s most recommended substitute.)  I love receiving short and sweet daily updates from this couple who lead a very interesting and inspiring life.  My two favorite posts of the week are “Gratitude Lately” and “Today’s Letters.”  Gratitude lately is a photo based post about the little things in life Em is grateful for that week – it could be the hot tea she had with breakfast, the chickens laying eggs in her yard, or something to do with her cute labrador puppies.  The Letter is a very short note calling out the people, food, and/or animals in her life and thanking them for something – maybe it’s a thank you for being you or thank you for a specific action or gift.  These notes are always positive, always smiling, and always personal.  I love that she always gives her husband two thank you’s.  I know nothing about this couple personally but I admire this about her take on marriage.  Always say thank you.  Always show and tell your appreciation.  Don’t be afraid to shout your adoration from the top of the internet rooftops.  It is inspiring for me to remember to do the same in my marriage.  It is unlikely that I would remember to weekly post on here but I want to do at least one.

Dear P, even though this morning I had to take you your forgotten phone and wallet to your office for the 2nd time this month, I love the way you kissed and hugged me in your corporate lobby even in front of the ladies at the desk. Dear very nice Ladies at the Front Desk, I should really know your names by now but I love that you get this little insight into our marriage every time I come by to deliver forgotten goods or with lunch.  We are going to work on putting P’s phones, keys, and wallet all in the same place every day so that this does not happen again. Babe, it also helps to not bury them under the clothes stacked upon your dresser.  Dear Laundry, you just don’t stop. Yesterday the glove compartment door in my car broke and P went out into the never-ending rain to attempt to fix it.  He removed the door, brought it inside, and spent a good 30 minutes taking it apart and studying what is wrong all while telling me I had too much stuff in it but also that it’s just a piece of plastic.  He wasn’t able to fix it but he will once we get a good replacement part.  Dear Car, I cannot wait for a new one but you have been good to me the last few years, getting me to and from with a speedy 6 cylinders.  We just need more room and maybe a few more gadgets.  Dear Rain, you are never ending and I swear it isn’t normal but I am trying to not succumb to your gloomy ways and appreciate all the love you bring to the earth even if you’re overdoing it and drowning our plants.  Husband, you looked handsome in your blue work shirt this morning and I realized that I typically miss that part of your day when you’re dressed in something other than yard clothes.  We should dress up for each other at least once a week even if it’s just for an evening in (you got me in my dress and make-up last night!).

And with that, my slight annoyance is gone (although a stop at Starbucks certainly helped).  I feel good and ready to continue to face the day which has already included several calls to car dealership and junkyards!  This is an exercise (not calling car repair places but the letter!) I shall endeavor to perform more often.

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