The Seafare – Williamsburg, VA

Saturday night while P and I were in Williamsburg, VA to see his family we took his dad out to dinner for his birthday.  After searching through Opentable we chose the Seafare, a restaurant in downtown Williamsburg that has been around for years.  Somehow, despite living in Williamsburg his entire life, P’s dad (and no one else in his family) had ever been.  It was a great choice and a really nice evening out.

Not only was the company some of the best but the food and dining experience was stellar.  Before we even ordered, the server, who was fabulous, brought out a small piece of rum bread for each of us.  It was delicious and one of three different bread selections we sampled through the evening.

P picked out a bottle of white wine to share, a Truchard Chardonnay.  It was pretty good.  He liked it a lot but it was a bit too mineral-y for me.  I would definitely drink it again but would not have been my first choice.  I will buy a bottle or two for P though if I ever see it.  Their wine list was extensive and in a beautiful leather bound book.

We ordered a chopped salad to share – their salads are very large and great for sharing.  We probably could have split it between 4 or 5 people, not that we struggled to finish it between the three of us.  Fresh, housemade bread came with our salad.  P also ordered a half dozen oysters.  I had my two and his second – love raw oysters!  Was shocked he ordered them but I think our recent trip to Pearlz in Charleston showed them how good they can be.   We were given a palette cleanser of strawberry sorbet after our appetizers.  I always feel like these little details are the sign of a fancy restaurant.

P’s dad ordered the crab cakes for his entree which came with a side (mashed potatoes, baked potato, fries, or rice) and broccoli and carrots.  There were two crab cakes and they were huge and all meat, very little filler.  He said they were great.  P ordered the special:  steak and shrimp which came with the same side options.  I ordered the sea bass and was shocked at how large the fillet was.  Sea bass usually comes in smaller portions, not that I had trouble finishing it.  Each of our meals also came with an offering of cornbread muffins – yum.

There were very little leftovers even after three courses – sign of a good meal!  Now, The Seafare, is definitely a special occasion restaurant.  Be prepared to spend $50 per person easily and more if you order appetizers, desserts, and drinks.  It is definitely worth the price but probably just once a year.  I’m really glad we took P’s dad because we never get to spend time with just him.  I think he really enjoyed it and I enjoyed my two dates.  :)

I would highly recommend you visit The Seafare if you are looking for a special evening out during your visit in Williamsburg.

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